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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Max-Schmeling-Halle (MSH) open?

Your ticket permits entrance into the MSH for the whole time period of the ticket. The MSH opens half an hour before the start of the first match. The doors of MSH close also half an hour after the finish of the day’s last match.

What areas can I access with my ticket, where do I sit?

By purchasing a ticket you get allocated a seating area (please take note of the floor plan), where you can choose your seat freely. There won’t be any seat reservations. Additionally, you can use your ticket to watch matches in Hall 2. Seats will be limited, and reservations will not be available either. If all the seats in Hall 2 are taken, the entrance to the hall will be closed until the security staff decides to let people in again. Furthermore, you can proceed to the Hockeyplaza. There will be a variety of stalls. In case of overcrowding this area could be closed over a short period of time.

Where can I find Hall 2?

Within the MSH as directed by signs. Access to Hall 2 will be possible from the middle platform between the ARENA’s upper and lower tier. It can hold up to 500 people. You can look up all matches played in Hall 2 on the playing schedule.

Who can purchase discount tickets?

The following persons can buy tickets from the category “reduced tickets”:
Children between 2 and 18 years, students, trainees, pensioners and the disabled. Please note that everyone will have to produce a valid document regarding their status together with their reduced ticket when entering the venue. If you cannot present a proper ID, access will not be allowed. A ticket refund won’t be possible.

What should I be aware of when buying a family ticket?

Family ticket holders must enter the venue as a group for the first time. Afterwards they can collect additional tickets for each family member. These additional tickets only grant access to the family seating area and NOT access to the venue itself. You can collect these extra tickets on presentation of your family ticket at the Infopoint in the entrance area of the venue.
If a reduced ticket was purchased in addition to the family ticket, the extra person is allowed in the family seating area, whereas the reverse will not be possible.

What do Play-off ticket, full event ticket and late session ticket mean?

The holder of a full event ticket can watch all matches on all days, with the above qualifications.
The Play-off ticket is valid from Friday (09.02.2018) 4pm until the end of the event (Sunday afternoon).
The late session tickets on Wednesday and Thursday grants access to the venue from 5pm onwards.

What is the difference between prices of advance ticket sales and evening box office?

The advance ticket sale offers up to a 20% discount with a 10% processing fee. The Play-off matches are expected to be sold out during the advance ticket sale due to huge demand. Those wanting to watch the Indoor Hockey World Cup in a preferred seating area should purchase a ticket in the advance ticket sale.

What do I do if I choose “Pick-up” while purchasing?

Tickets that will not be delivered can be collected on the day at the box office half an hour before the start of the first match.
Guests who would like to collect their tickets prior to the event can do so on Monday and Tuesday (February 5th and 6th 2018) between 12pm and 1pm as well as 6pm and 7pm at the box office of MSH.

Is it possible to get voucher envelopes for Christmas/birthday presents?

You can find voucher templates for free download and printing at

Group bookings

To order more than 20 tickets at once (for example, for a club or a complete team), please contact us by e-mail at

In case you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at Well will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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